Scooter Tire Vacuum Solid Tyre 8 1/2X2 for M365 Electric Scooter


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Size 8 1/2X2-140mm 
Internal Diameter 140MM
Inner width of card notch 35MM
Appropriate hub diameter 165MM 
Inner width of card notch 35MM
Color Black

1. Micropores Vacuum Solid Tyre Suitable for Xiaomi Mijia M365 Electric Skateboard.
2. If you have one,you will not need to pump tire,solving problem of pumping,tire puncture.
3. Micropore vacuum and solid tyre is the most light and durable non-aerate vacuum and solid tyre.
4. The characteristics of non-aerate hollow tyre are as follows: pierce prevention, non-aerate, high strength, light and
durable, moderate elasticity and no need to repair. Its texture is polymeric material which from micropore foaming technology.
5. On the other hand, it use numerous mutually connect and independent micropore which guarantee the flexibility and buffer
capacity of it so the tyre could bear any pressure change. In any time it would stay firm and tough just like the traditional tyre
in fully aerated condition. 


1. Manual installation,we suggest soften the tire first.The more warm the tyre the easier for installation.
2. Put one side into the wheel slot,then on foot,use screwdriver or pry bar to pry the tire.
3. Installing tire needs tools,if you do not have experencie,please ask a repair master to help.

Package Included:
1x Bike Tyre

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