CYLION P01-18 1.7oz Dry Film Lubricant Chain Lube Bike Bicycle Motorcycle Hub Motor Flywheel Cleanser


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Model P01-18
Material PFPE
Capacity 1.7oz/ 50ml
Application Bike chain, derailleur, suspension and other parts that contain plastic or silicone.

Features:Professional lubricant for cyclists.The lubrucant adopts PEPF, which widely used in cameras phones and other precision instruments for long lasting lubrication.High penetrability. Quickly form a protective film. Water repellent. Dustproof, dampproof and corrosion resistent.Non-flammable. Non-toxic. Non-irritating. Transparent. Low friction.Conveniently use with provided brush after shaking to full mix the oil.320° high temperature prevention. Excellent thermal and chemical stability. Great natural film forming properties.Even film thickness and wide material compatibility(metal, silicone, plastic, wood, glass, etc.) can be used with many kinds of engineering plastics elastics.Continuous lubrication testing up to 500 kilometers of effective lubrication.Notice:During usage, slightly tilt then the lubricant will slowly spill.After oiling, gently flick the container to save the remained oil inside.Please tightly screw the cap when placing it for the lubricant is of high fugacity.Package Included:1 x CYLION Bike Lubricant

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