Crimping Tool Kit 5 Changeable Iaws for Insulated and Non-insulated 0.5-35mm


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Crimping range: 0.5-35 mm²
Material: Steel
Color: Mainly black
Size: As shown in picture
-The components of the ratchet crimping tools are made of special steel.
-Designed according to human factors engineering, it can save 50% energy when crimping.
-Precise crimping die sets and integral lock with self releasing.
-Accurate adjustment before ex works delivery.
-Due to best handle grasping position, light and compact structure and handle design ensure perfect crimping effect.
Come with Multi-Function Wire Stripper and Cutter Tool for Stripping/Cutting Wire AWG 22-10(0.6-2.6MM²) :For cutting wire, 30mm max. Stripping wire 0.6-2.6 mm²
Package Included:
1 x crimping tool (yellow handle)
1 x Multi-Function Wire Stripper and Cutter Tool
1 x Bag
1 x screwdriver
5 x Die sets
A03BC Crimping Dies:
for 0.5-6mm2(16-10AWG), for Non-insulated tabs and receptacles
A26TW Crimping Dies:
for 2*0.5-6mm2 (2*20-10AWG), for Insulated and Non-insulated cable end-sleeves
A10 Crimping Dies:
for 1.5-6.0mm2(16-10AWG), used for Non-insulated Terminals
A30J Crimping Dies:
for 0.5-6.0mm2(22-10AWG), used for Insulated Terminals
A35WF Crimping Dies:
for 10-35mm2(8-2AWG), used for Non-insulated Cable end-sleeves

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